I'll help yourself developing your habits and knowhow to survive as a freelancer and artist.

In more than 10 years of experience as a Freelancer, CEO & Art Director of a company, I made quite a lot of mistakes. I will help you to avoid these mistakes and participate in my experience to start or optimize your career as freelancer. My course can’t guarantee you projects as a freelancer , but it will help you to maximize your chances.

I  will also show you my key insights to aquire clients and find the right customers and projects for you. 

The next online course will start at 15th of august – 18:30 GMT.

The current course is running right now. Hit me up to take one of the next seats!

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Being an artist is awesome. But making a living out of your passion is even better. Learn how to rise your passion to a professional business.

We will spend 4 weeks in getting your business to the next level.

The course will take  4 weeks, each with two online sessions. At the first day I am going to talk about typical issues and my solutions for these to give  you the opportunity to learn from it and implement it to yourself. The second day will be used to review your results and transfer to your business and ideas – I will help you to optimize you output. 

Interested in specific information?

Don’t worry! In the second session of each week you have time to ask your questions and discuss with me or your your class mates .

Do you need any more help?

If you want to be guided for a longer period, my 6 month  mentoring programm is the right course for you.

I will try to improve yourself as much as I improved myself over the last years snd share insights of my career, knowledge and even help you as Art Director on a regular base to develop yourself as artist.

Portfolio Review


  • Detailed Portfolio review
  • Find your Business Case
  • -
  • -
  • -

How to Freelance


  • 4 weeks -2 days a week
  • Find your business case
  • How to get jobs
  • Present yourself
  • Portfolio Review

6 months Mentoring


  • 6 months
  • Personal coaching
  • Art direct your work
  • Getting advices
  • Get help to build your portfolio

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