Hey! I am Jens
and I am doing Art Direction.


Art direction research studies visual and conceptual elements for artistic projects. It explores styles, themes, colors, and compositions, analyzing trends, audience preferences, and influential works to create a cohesive visual narrative that communicates the intended message.

Team building

Assemble a skilled creative team, including designers, illustrators, and photographers. Assign tasks and responsibilities, ensuring that each team member understands the project vision and requirements, and foster collaboration and communication within the team.

Brand strategies

Collaborate with clients or creative teams to deeply understand the project’s vision, goals, and target audience. Brainstorm and develop creative concepts and ideas, ensuring they align with the overall objectives.

Vision Keeping

Oversee the creation of visual assets, ensuring they align with the established concept and strategy. Provide ongoing feedback and guidance to the creative team, helping to resolve any design challenges that arise during the process.

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